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Jolabokaflod – wait, what?

I’ve seen that meme about Christmas Eve in Sweden – or is it Finland? – where traditionally everyone gets a book on Christmas Eve and they all snuggle up under blankets, drink cocoa and read. It’s called Jolabokaflod, meaning “Christmas Flood of Books” which doesn’t sound nearly as cool in English.

This is a holiday I can get behind, folks.

In the spirit of Sweden-or-is-it-Finland, I’m offering Setting Suns at $2.99 and Infinity and Gethsemane at 99c for the month of December. Check them out at the links! And remember, you can give these to others via Amazon and even delay the delivery so they arrive on Christmas Eve in a timely fashion.

What, you want dead-tree versions for yourself or to give at the holiday of your choice? Yes, you can order them through Amazon, or you can order directly from me and indicate you want them autographed in the comment on your order. You can also email us at and we’ll make sure they get personalized. 

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